The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs to Six Figures is brand new memoir about a travel nurse entrepreneur. Take a walk in Meisha’s shoes as she lives in 15 cities in 5 years after a financial meltdown and career burnout. Learn how to be a six figure travel nurse today!


A personal growth story to inspire women to step out of their comfort zone to reach a new level of wealth and wellness. Book includes travel nurse tips in every chapter! Before Meisha wrote this book, she performed instense research to discover that no other book existed like this for travel nurses.


  • Learn about self-awareness and purpose discovery
  • Learn how to pick the right agency for travel nursing
  • Learn how to eliminate cost for certifications and renewals
  • Learn how to financially prepare to succeed in the industry
  • Learn how to manage crisis situations
  • Learn how to make six figures in 7 months

Ships in 3- 5 business days when in stock. Great gift for nurses and other service workers.

The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs to Six Figures