From 6 clients in her mom's basement to her own nail salon!

The saying is true: Everybody has to start somewhere and that's exactly what Tarsha did. Right in her mom's basement. She took her love for feet and launched her Pedicure Party with only 6 clients.

Check out what Tarsha had to say:

Tarsha owns Nail Candy1122 in Baltimore, MD

1.Who are you? What do you do and How long have you been in business?

My name is Tarsha Benita Johns 

I am a Licensed manicurist and owner of “NailCandy1122”. I have been licensed  for 26 years

2. How did you end up there?

I went to Nail School right out of High school and I always like to do my own nails, it was fun so I was intrigued to learn more about it. So I got my license and worked in various salons and Day spas before eventually getting my own nail suite.

3. Tell us about a challenge you have had in business and how you have overcome it?

One of the challenges I have had to deal with is criticism. There are going to be people who are not going to like your work even after giving them your 100 percent best.  I aim to satisfy every client and give them the best service and if the client complain first, I listen to the client and see what the problem is and correct it. While letting this situation be a learning experience for the future.

4. What do you believe is an important factor in success for entrepreneurs? even if it's something you are struggling with.

I believe faith in God is imperative in success of any business and demonstrating good customer service and quality work.

5. How do you contribute to women's empowerment?

I have mentored new manicurists on nail techniques,business and product applications. 

6. Anything coming up you want us to know about? 

Yes, I do annual pedicure party and its been 20 years since I started it and still going strong.  I started it in my mother’s basement because I love feet so much and I had 6 people then. The best part is that some of the people I started  with still come.

7. How can the readers keep in contact with you?

I am on Facebook and Instagram as Nailcandy1122

My email address is

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