Meet Nurse CEO, Afrikus

Let's chat with this nurse entrepreneur on how she took her skillset in nursing and her passion for teaching to start her own business.

1. What do you do and How long have you been in business? I teach several healthcare trainings (ex, CPR & First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Phlebotomy Tech, etc.) and I’m looking to expand the programs that I currently support. I have been in business for over 3 years. This year I have a new business name, Blue Butterfly Nursing. This to me represents a rebirth and a space in which I can flourish.

2. Why did you pick this particular field to do business in?   I decided to start Blue Butterfly Nursing within the healthcare field to follow my passion for teaching first and foremost. Owing my current position in great part to the excellent teachers/mentors I’ve had over the years, I would like to give back what was given to me. I am dedicated to providing my students with quality training to prepare them to accomplish their goals.

3. Tell us about a challenge you have had in business and how you have overcome it? Busy doing nothing. I often try to do everything myself, which leads to me getting side tracked. With me having so many ideas and things going on, I end up with unfinished projects/tasks. I recently acquired a virtual assistant who helps handle and contribute to those ideas greatly. She is responding to inquiries and other administrative duties while also assisting with bringing my vision to fruition. I now structure my daily tasks with checklists for myself and check off as it's completed. Now I am more productive and efficient.

4. Why do you feel you have been as successful as you have in your business? here are several factors that play a role in my success. First I have to thank God. I had to get out of my own way and get over my fears and anxieties about failure. But my family plays a huge role in my success. Without their love, support, encouragement and understanding of my visions, I would not be able to follow my dreams and bring them to life.  Words cannot explain the depth of gratitude I have for them.

5. Why are you so compelled on seeing other women win BIG?  I am blessed to now have a circle of women that want to see me succeed.  I also want to help other women be successful.  We all need help, support, guidance and encouragement in business.  To be successful in business, you have to form relationships as that can lead to great collaborations for all involved.  I was once told that "you can't keep your blessings without giving them away." I didn't understand it then but I do now.

6. So, what's next in 2018 for you? I just had my Grand Opening for my business on November 3, 2018 in Baltimore,MD.  I offered class discounts, raffles, swag bags and had vendors with food samples and other accessories.  Coming soon, maybe January 2019, we will be offering the following classes: EKG tech, PCT and Paramedical Examiner.

7. Tell us a Fun fact about yourself. While I'm out, sometimes (shopping, eating out, or at the grocery store) I get an overwhelming feeling in my spirit to bless someone and pay it forward. I pay for their entire transaction and give them the receiptjhgjhg. I love seeing smiles on people’s faces. It feels amazing to make someone else’s day.

8. How can we stay connected with you? You can connect with me on the social media platforms Twitter: @afrikus123 or @bbutterflynurse | Facebook: Blue Butterfly Nursing | IG: @bluebutterflynurse

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