Why I moved on... NO LONGER A NOMAD... A symbol of peace

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

This is a rather personal blog and I wanted to make this a social media post about travel nursing & online entrepreneurship but it would be too long. So here goes: I'm hanging up my nomad/ gypsy life as of now. Making the decision of having a fixed habitat is a huge milestone for my lifestyle... Hello Hyattsville, MD.

Not that this is my forever home, but signing a lease, buying curtains and ordering wifi home installation is a symbol of no longer being a nomad. More importantly, a symbol of peace.

I love being a gypsy nurse in places like Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York but the reality is travel nurses create a career of travel in search of something- healing, peace, clarity, abundance, the ability to live on company's dime, fix your finances...

For me, it was healing. Almost 8 years ago, I got into this lifestyle for healing. I was young, hurt and in search of something that wouldn't remind me of my pain. I found peace within and a gift inside of me that I didn't know existed. I was able to dive deep within my spiritual self and final figure out who Meisha is and what she wanted for her life. I explored 15 cities in 5 years at the peak of my nomad life. The grind was real! I was also this online entrepreneur while contracting at hospitals. Most of the cities I was in had a lot of "creatives" and entrepreneurs. So, I was learning that the "hustle" mentality in nursing wasn't actually winning. But it was all I knew back then.

After spending 7 years roaming all over the nation and building my business into a BEAST, I realized I did it with no stress of the "hustle" mentality that nursing taught me. Instead I did it with a business mentality. Do you know that NOMAD FATIGUE is a real thing? I love my lifestyle of no kids, living city to city, from one vacation to another... But being on the run constantly is mentally draining, and physically exhausting for a girl in her 30s now ;-) ...

As much as I glorified being a travel nurse, I started to hate it... You sit back and realize everything around you is temporary and the struggle to BUILD personal relationships is the hardest task ever. I don’t mean intimate either. Friends come and go... Dating comes and goes... Your whole life becomes inconsistent and unpredictable. You start to miss REAL LIFE... like staying in one city longer than 30 days before catching another flight to head to another city and having TRUE friends in the city that you can call up to come over for wine & trashy reality TV or Power!

Everything I've shared with you has been my reality check since 2017. I was planning my exit strategy back then. I was shopping for "test" cities to start a fixed habitat in. I was looking at real estate trends in different markets. I was looking at single black professional men stats in different cities. I was shopping for Dallas, Atlanta, and DC/ PG County, MD.... and then my uncle dropped dead... mid way of my "ahh Ha!" moment, my world stopped...and everything that I thought long and hard about didn't matter anymore... none of this matter for almost 2 years. Grief is a challenge and you can be stuck for many long years if you don't find an intervention.

My 34th birthday came and I learned that not much had changed...felt stuck! I had to bounce back...So today I'm picking up right where I left off the morning my uncle left the house for work (and didn't come back). Today I moved on. That same peace I found a few years ago, I found it again.

Travel is dope. Grief is hard. This was supposed to have happened in 2018. But don't let these digital creatives, influencers, travel nurses make you believe your life is boring because you don't live in new cities every 3 months, and take tourist picture everyday. Don't lose your mind over the "American Dream" either... You can't have it all figured out but you can figure yourself out if you do what feels good to your soul, date yourself and find purpose in every obstacle. Trust your "right now"

xo, Meisha Amia RN | CEO & Founder Chicks with Cheques

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