CNA turned CNO, yes you read right!

Meeting Dr. B you realize she's just like you, she's been down the road that many of us have faced. What makes her different is her resilience to beat all odds including self-doubt. Now she is no longer a CNA she is the BOSS... aka Chief Nursing Officer.

1. Who are you? What do you do and How long have you been in business?

I’m Dr. B, a LifeSkills Coach that will inspire and motivate others to find their purpose and live their best life. I’ve been officially in business for six months but I have over 20 years in management and have overcome many barriers. 

2. How did you end up there?

I’m proud to say I didn’t let my past dictate my future. I was a teen mom at 15, high school dropout, battled depression and molestation but I persevered. Today I’m Dr. B; I went from CNA to CNO, a LifeSkills Coach, Author, Public Speaker, and sit on several boards being the change I want to see in the world. I wanted to share tips I’ve learned over the years to let others know they too can live their best life. 

3. Tell us about a challenge you have had in business and how you have overcome it?

A challenge I faced was thinking that everything had to be in place to start. I hesitated to launch my business because I wanted the business cards, website, and marketing plan in place before I started. I realized that I had to just take a step out on faith and build my business with my clientele simultaneously. 

4. What do you believe is an important factor in success for entrepreneurs?even if it's something you are struggling with.

Believing in your purpose, staying true to your mission despite the roadblocks and the naysayers. Working your business like it’s drawing in millions, even when you losing money getting where you need to be. 

5. How do you contribute to women's empowerment? 

I post positive, motivational messages almost daily encouraging women to live their best life. My motivational Monday post draws the most comments because I post flowers I buy myself to show others that not only is Monday not a day to be feared but it’s ok to invest in our own happiness with a bunch of flowers we buy ourself. 

6. Anything coming up you want us to know about?

Look for eBook series on how to be a leader and live videos for professional development. 

7. How can the readers keep in contact with you?



Facebook: Bridget Leonard Enterprises LLC

Instagram: Bridget Leonard Enterprises, LLC

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