CNA turned lash boss!

Meet Ciera, a CNA based out of Baltimore who took her love for beauty and built her own Lash Tech empire!

We had a chance to interview Ciera this week and this is what we discovered:

1. Who are you? What do you do and How long have you been in business?

My name is Ciera, I was born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore, MD.  I am a newly Licensed Esthetician and a Certified Eyelash Artist. I have been doing eyelash extensions for 3 years which pushed me into the direction of Esthetics. I just opened my Eyelash Studio in April and I’m so excited for what’s next. 

2. How did you end up there? I decided to do the Eyelash Extension training class in the beginning it was just a side hustle something to make extra money because I was BROKE! I was down bad I lost everything and I was just trying to swim above water. After doing lashes for a while and seeing the smiles on my clients’ faces that I was able to bless, I turned a side hustle into a passion. I love that I can make women feel better when they're feeling down or not so pretty. It’s a different type feeling. My clients’ would ask about brows waxing and issues with their skin so I decided in 2017 to attend Cortiva Institute to become licensed esthetician so I can train and educate as well as offer more services.

3. Tell us about a challenge you have had in business and how you have overcome it? There have been many challenges I don’t want to make this long and drawn out so to sum it up, in the 3 years of me doing lashes I had to change locations about SEVEN different times. Some reasons were due to unfortunate reasons and others were due to people not being professional business owners and not knowing how to communicate and operate their business. Now that I have my own Eyelash Studio I know how I want to run my business from my bad experiences. I overcame everything by not giving up and keeping my faith. I never let the negative people or things stop me. It just made me go harder and I’m going to keep going hard until 724 Beauty Café is a franchise.

4. What do you believe is an important factor in success for entrepreneurs? even if it's something you are struggling with. I think an important factor in success for entrepreneurs is consistency and time management something I am struggling with right now. I’m not consistent when it’s comes to posting on social media platforms and my time management is bad but I am working on it. Maybe someone can send me some tips and tricks to help me with how I can better manage my time.

5. How do you contribute to women's empowerment? Because of the journey I’ve had I want to empower women to NEVER GIVE UP! No matter what you are faced with, cry your tears, be sad, be anger, but keep pushing. The devil comes when he knows God got something planned for you. Keep the faith, keep praying, the end results will be amazing. I can’t wait to share my story I know someone will appreciate it. KEEP THE FAITH, YOU GOT THIS!

6. Anything coming up you want us to know about? I have a grand opening event for 724 Beauty Café Eyelash Studio on Wednesday July 24th from 6pm-10pm @ 2 S. Patterson Park Ave Baltimore Md., 21231. There will be light refreshments, music, raffles, wine and giveaways.

7. How can the readers keep in contact with you?





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