3 Ways to Reach Success thIS MONTH

Success is obtainable for each one of us, as long as week set out action steps for the year, the month, the week and the day...

Most people don't succeed because they are too lazy to execute the plan. September is an exciting time of the year; I immediately start think about the students going back to school, fall fashion and my birthday.

What comes to your mind when you think about September? Any goals? Special dates? Here's 3 ways you can be successful during the month of September with your life, personal brand and business.


  1. Build a concept, social media content, storytelling, and product/ service promotion around the things that come to mind. For example, September is school season for everyone so build around that. Although my birthday is in October, honestly when I think about September I'm already focused on my birthday. So most of my storytelling for the next month we be about birthday memories, experiences and birthday sales.

  2. Be firm about your deadlines and create an outline or grid for action. You cannot have all these grand ideas in your head and nothing is on paper. Grab a journal and get to the grind. No matter what, if you are trying to succeed at getting pre-approved for a mortgage or getting 50 new sales this month... you better have some deadlines and action steps in your journal.

  3. Do one thing that literally makes you want to "piss your pants"... facing your fear is major for success! You been dreaming about it for so long but you keep talking yourself out of it... stop that... make peace with your life. Maybe it's go sugarless for a month to lose weight, or sober for the month (no turning up), or show up at a networking event alone. Or, better yet... write a book about you or get on social media and TELL YOUR TRUTH to inspire others... allow your story to save lives ... that's a whole different feeling of success! But by all means, do not make your story a reality TV drama series... If you don't have writing skills, hire one.

Everything we mentioned here is valuable for your life/ personal brand and your business. We have much more support for you in our VIP Squad... Sign up today!

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