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Meisha Amia, Branding & Online Community Strategist | Travel Nurse 

I can help you if:

  • You need motivation to get started with living out your dreams

  • You need to meet new women to grow personally and professionally

  • You need to step your social media game up because you have something to offer the world

  • You need to make money online but don't have the branding strategies

  • You need to launch a 5 figure event to scale your business

  • You are a nurse who wants to become a six figure travel nurse to fund your dreams



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Felicia Cook

The lessons Meisha have shared are so on point! Several of them are things I learned years ago at a big 6 figure consulting firm from the CEO who was a multi-million dollar earner  and real industry game changer. I forgot some things along the way and I'm happy I joined the VIP squad. She's bringing it all back! 

Veronica Southerland, FNP-BC

She gets you all the way together people... Give her your business to level up.

Everybody loves "Vee the NP"... She did that. Not me. Working 1 on 1 with Meisha has changed my digital impact 

tremendously. Hire her. 

Ciera Boss

Meisha Amia is like the best teacher EVER! I'm getting out of my own way because I'm a member of this network. If I can do it, you surely can. 

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